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If you are an international student seeking graduate school and ultimately a job in the U.S., you may wish to consider our international student career advisory services: developed specifically to help international students navigate career planning and internship/job search in the U.S.

Study in the USA Graduate School

Dr Paul Lowe Admissions Educational Consultant International Students study in US America

Graduate School

Graduate School

Although we can help students who apply to a diverse range of schools, our focus is on admissions to the top U.S. medical, law, business schools and graduate programs.  Let's face it, and you already know this:  buyers of talent and HR departments shop at top schools for future employees.

Types of graduate school admissions advisory services:

We know exactly what the admissions committees are looking for.  We can give you expert advice on positioning, graduate school selection, strategies, stories/themes, essays topics, letters of reference, and application completion that is customized to your unique profile

If you are seeking a M.A., M.S. or Ph.D. degree from top graduate schools, we can help you!  Here is a very brief list of graduate programs to which we have helped clients gain admission:

  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • University of Michigan College of Engineering
  • Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering
  • New York University:  Steinhardt School of Education
  • Cornell University, Graduate Field of Natural Resources
  • Yale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Johns Hopkins Graduate Studies:  Psychology and Brain Sciences
  • Princeton University Graduate Program in Economics

Graduate School Admissions Advisory Services - comprehensive counseling:  (1) Admissions Strategies to Help You Stand Out, (2) Help in Selecting the right medical, business, law and graduate school,  (3) MCAT/GMAT Scheduling,  (4) Application Essay Topic Selection and Editing, (5) Admissions Interview Advising and Mock Interview Practice, (6) Guidance on Letters of Reference/Recommendation, (7) Resume Editing, (9) Application Review, (10) And much more!

Our services will
MAXIMIZE your chances of gaining admission to your top-choice graduate schools.

Our senior admissions counselors, Dr. Paul R. Lowe and Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe are active members of the following organizations that uphold the ethical and professional standards and principles of good admission practices in college and independent school counseling: National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), New Jersey Association for College Admission Counseling (NJACAC), New York State Association for College Admissions Counseling (NYSACAC) and International Association for College Admissions Counseling (IACAC).