Our core team members collaboratively use and leverage their knowledge, insight, expertise, relationships, connections; professional and alumni networks to give our clients a competitive advantage!   All of our core team members are truly international.

Sam Gupta, Chief Knowledge Officer.  Born in Bangalore, India. Raised in UK, Dubai and Nigeria.  U.S. private schools. BA Harvard, MBA Harvard.

The cultural, intellectual, racial, and professional diversity within our team helps us identify what makes our clients stand out and get into top U.S. private schools and colleges!

Core Team

Dr. Paul R. Lowe, Sr., Managing Director/Admissions Advisor.  Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Raised in Jamaica and New York,  BA Brown, MD Boston University, Cert.Yale SOM, Cert. Harvard.

Kathy Friedman, Chief Strategy Officer  Born in Beijing. Raised in France, UK and Ghana.  U.S. private schools. BA Yale, MBA UPenn.

Our wealth of professional relationships, networks and connections afford our clients an unmatched advantage

Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe, Managing Director/Admissions Advisor.  Born in Jamaica, Queens. Raised in Puerto Rico and Brazil. Valedictorian Weston High (CT). BA Brown; MD Brown PLME.

OUR DIVERSITY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE (DCA): No other admissions advisory and educational consulting firm with a culturally, ethnically and racially diverse team can truly appreciate and understand the meaning and value of standing out and apply it to the competitive admissions process.  Our DCA translates to successful admissions and results!  Diversity does matter!

Our strategic vision allows us to create and design a compelling and distinctive personal brand. This vision elevates and differentiates our clients in the competitive admissions environment so that they are accepted into their top-choice schools. 

Dr Paul Lowe Admissions Expert International Independent Educational Consultant Agent

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